Hello World.

I am the alpha and the omega of photography. I am a true artist. I am better than you. I am the biggest expert there is on Nikon® products. You will come to worship me and my photos. If you do not understand my photos you do not understand life. My photos will change your dreams, ambitions and goals. It will make you realize you've been living trapped in a sea of mediocrity.

King Kong Ain't Got Sh-- OK, I totally just lied about everything. Sorry!

Welcome to my personal website where I upload all my great photos and hide all the bad ones which by my estimates means this site will be pretty empty! SELF-DEPRICATION YEAHHHH!!!

I am NOT in any way affiliated with Nikon Corp or any other Nikon subsidiaries and make no claim to be. I'm just some Joe Nikon shooter. I also live in the awesome (sometimes) state of Illinois which means I can't join practically any affiliate programs, so if I post links to something, I'm probably not making any money on it!

Anyways, look around and you'll see what I'm all about.

Say Hello To My Gear!

This picture needs to be updated!

What I Own:

Answers to Questions You May or May Not Have Asked

  1. Why are there no titles or descriptions? - You're in luck, a lot of the photos here also appear on my Flickr stream so you can check there if you are really curious. You'll also probably fully understand why I kept them blank, because I rocksuck at coming up with titles and writing descriptions!!! You could also just ask me via the contact page or just make something up in your head.
  2. Wait so you have a Flickr? Why not get rid of it? - I'm grandfathered into my Flickr Pro account so I'd rather not lose it until they finally push us all off. I also get way more hits/exposure from it than I would here and I'd hate to lose all the back-links to my photos!
  3. Wasn't this a social networking website at one point? - Yes, when I first registered the domain I had an idea to develop a social networking/blog website that would take the best parts of all the websites/blogs I visited and combine them into a super site that would become a central hub to Nikon shooters. Basically it was going to be Ken Rockwell's knowledgebase minus the affiliate links/pitches/China rantings meets FredMiranda forums mixed with parts of Digital Photography School, PetaPixel, FStoppers and DPReview. I did get a working shell up but I never really finished it as I couldn't devote any of my spare time to it. I actually ended up building OMGSquirrel.com instead which a website that showcases my photos and videos of squirrels.

I will write more questions/answers at some point. I am writing this here now to shame myself into doing it soon rather than later. But it did take me like 5 months to get around to writing the 3 above so...