I SAW a Nikon!

I love when I spot a Nikon camera/lens being used in a TV show, movie or commercial. Sometimes it's very cringe worthy since apparently an accurate viewfinder is impossible or too expensive to show but I still think it's cool.

Anyways I decided to start this list so you can enjoy spotting them yourself. It's far from complete of course so I'll probably need your help completing it which you can do by contacting me if you know any I missed or see any errors (which will be a lot).

In Which Is A You See A Where
The AmericanMOVIEUnknown/Various01:13:19
The TownMOVIEUnknown/Various00:35:32
Jurassic Park: Lost WorldMOVIENikon F500:23:30
HeatMOVIENikon F4Unknown/Various
Apocalypse NowMOVIEUnknown/VariousUnknown/Various
Blow OutMOVIENikon FUnknown/Various
Under FireMOVIENikon F, Nikon F2Unknown/Various
Vertical LimitMOVIENikon F3/A, Nikon F5Unknown/Various
Area 88MOVIENikon F3, Nikon F5Unknown/Various
The Girl with the Dragon TattooMOVIEUnknown/VariousUnknown/Various
Spy GameMOVIENikon FM2Unknown/Various
Delirious MOVIENikon D7000:03:26
MacheteMOVIENikon D3Unknown/Various
BatmanMOVIENikon F3Unknown/Various
Superman ReturnsMOVIENikon D2HUnknown/Various
Lucky Number SlevinMOVIENikon D300:33:00
I Am Number 4MOVIENikon FUnknown/Various
The Bang-Bang ClubMOVIENikon F, Nikon F5, Nikon FMUnknown/Various
Black SheepMOVIENikon F400:15:36
Head Over HealsMOVIENikon F5Unknown/Various
Mr. Holland's OpusMOVIENikon FUnknown/Various
HackersMOVIENikon F3Unknown/Various
Man of SteelMOVIENikon D3S, Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G IF-ED NUnknown/Various
Coyote UglyMOVIEUnknown/VariousUnknown/Various
The InterpreterMOVIENikon F6, 105mm??00:02:38:00
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationTV SHOWUnknown/VariousSeason 11 ep. 08 "Fracked"
Teen MomTV SHOWUnknown/VariousSeason 02 ep. 12
The WireTV SHOWUnknown/VariousSeason 02 ep. 12
The OneCOMMERCIALNikon D300:00:19
Degrassi!COMMERCIALNikon D3Unknown/Various